Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Blushes

I have a serious blush problem. I love it. I think it's one of the few things that makes fair-skinned lovelies like myself look alive and awake. I was introduced to Jane Iredale cosmetics over 10 years ago thanks to my wonderful mom. She said that if I was going to use makeup it might as well be good for your skin. I've been pretty hooked ever since. 

I started working with Jane Iredale at my job about 5 years ago. Trust me when you see makeup every single day, you're going to go home with more than you intend from time to time. It started with Parfait- a satiny cool pink that looks like my natural flush. Parfait is my go to blush. I use it all the time as you'll notice from my nearly naked pan of it. Whisper and Cotton Candy are my next frequently used. The 24k gold flakes in them give a bit of sparkle to the skin but doesn't look like you're going to a rave. Mocha and Tawny are my most recent acquires. I tend to use them a little less. Tawny is a barely there peachy tone on my skin. I love it for no makeup days. Mocha is a plummy rose that works beautifully with a smoky eye.  The bronzer I included is great for fair skin. It is not too orange and has a touch of pink to it that makes it so wearable for me. I like the light shimmery part to it as it makes the bronzer a little paler and have a bit of sheen to it.

All in all I love these blushes. They are mineral blushes in a pressed format so they're easy to use. The color spectrum though limited is a very wearable selection. They look natural and blend beautifully on the skin. None of that chalky nonsense I commonly encounter with other brands. Price point isn't terrible either-  $20 USD. 
Enough chatter I'll leave you to the swatches.

 Top Row: Parfait, Tawny, Mocha
Bottom Row: Cotton Candy, Whisper, So Bronze 3
Left Side Top to Bottom: Whisper, So Bronze 3 Dark side, So Bronze 3 Light side, So Bronze 3 Blended
Right Side: Parfait, Tawny, Mocha, Cotton Candy



Okay it's not about skincare or makeup for this little snippet. 

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely people I've encountered on this blog and thank you to all who have been reading. I get so happy when I see comments and new followers.

Up tomorrow: A post on Jane Iredale blushes. I may be slightly obsessed. 

All the best,


The Dry Skin Battle

I am dry. Dry enough to be flaky even though it hasn't been terribly cold this winter here in the Midwest. But wait! I'm breaking out too. I have my friends what I call "confused skin". It's not any one thing ; it's a little bit of everything. This time of year I tend to search for a moisturizer that is for dry skin. I break out occasionally but oil-free moisturizers don't have the ability to chill out my flakes.

Argan oil is one of my favorite moisturizers. I tend to use it all year, most often at night as a treatment for those pesky flakes. Most mornings I wake up well hydrated without being too greasy.  Argan oil is said to have tons of antioxidant properties so it helps to neutralize free radicals. It also contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that help to soften and hydrate skin. For me it is something that I use constantly. I notice a difference when I'm not using it. My skin just seems ... blah (for lack of a better word). I've tried both Josie Maran as well as Kahina Giving Beauty. Both are nice as they are 100% organic.Kahina's is a touch more expensive but the consistency is divine. I'll be purchasing it when I run out of the Josie Maran.
Josie Maran runs about $48 USD for 1.7 oz and can be found at Sephora stores and online. Kahina Giving Beauty runs about $82 USD for 3.3 oz

Sometimes when I'm feeling as though there is no end to the dryness I reach for something to layer over the argan oil. I've tried a variety of moisturizers this winter but the one that has truly made a diffrence is from a company called SPROUT. I had no idea about SPROUT until I got a grab bag from Lovingeco.com that had a sample of the cream from the SPROUT line. SPROUT makes products that are in their words "truly all-natural sustainable skincare". I love that it doesn't have tons of fillers and other odds and ends. All that this moisturizer contains is - fair trade shea butter, organic coconut oil and organic olive oil. That's it! It's the perfect consistency for me not too heavy and melts right into the skin. I wake up feeling baby soft when I layer argan and the SPROUT cream.
SPROUT cream runs $32 USD for 3.75 oz.

I haven't had a problem with breakouts with this current regimen. But I will keep you posted on it. For now though I am feeling soft and flake-free.