Barbary Fig Seed Oil

This product is a total gem! I was lucky enough to receive this sample of La Bella Figura Cold Pressed Barbary Fig Seed Oil* in my recent Goodebox. Originally it was supposed to be the famed Decouverte Under Eye Repair serum but I think fate intervened. My skin has been so in love with since first application. I had read about Barbary Fig Seed Oil for helping with under eye circles and was anxious to try some.  I read more on La Bella Figura's website that Barbary Fig Seed oil is brimming with antioxidants, Omega-3 and Vitamin E. Ingredients that  help to hydrate skin as well as soothe skin that is sensitized or stressed. Pretty much everything I look for this time of year in my skincare. 

So at first I was just applying this twice a day as an eye treatment. Then one night out of desperation for help with my dry tender skin I applied it all over and headed to bed. I woke up with the most beautiful clarity to my skin. It was soft and hydrated and I was just astounded. Argan oils really help with my dryness but often don't take care of my redness/sensitivity. Finding something that takes care of both was kind of amazing.

I've played a lot with this sample since I've gotten it and have found that not only is it great alone but it also pairs well with other oils. (I tried RMS beauty oil and Olie Biologique Argan) 
It also works well under makeup as long as you give it a few minutes between oil, sunscreen and makeup application. 

I've just ordered a full size** of this as I decided my face cannot live without it. 
Also if you have any questions about LBF they have a Twitter @labellafigura10

*sample provided by Goodebox a paid sampling service. All opinions are my own as always. 
**Full size retails at $90 USD


  1. We are so thrilled you loved barbary fig seed oil! We are always so excited to come upon new converts because like you we were blown away by the brightening and healing effects of this all natural and organic oil. Hopefully we recruit other converts to step into the modern beauty of barbary fig seed oil! Thank you so much for such a lovely review. :)

    Victoria, La Bella Figura

    1. Victoria,
      Thank you for making such amazing products! I can't wait to be able to try more out in the near future. And trust me, I'm chatting everyone's ear off about how amazing and how much I love this oil!
      <3 =)

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for this post!

    I have the Decouverte serum on my to-try list! I read that it is wonderful for dark circles - which are an issue for me!

    Let us know how it goes with the full size!

  3. Will do! I can't wait for it to come in as I finally ran out yesterday.